Mortgage Broker For Self-Employed Business Owners

The team at Pro Options specialise in helping self-employed business owners and people with unconventional lending circumstances source and structure better finance, optimised to maximise your borrowing capacity and potentially save you thousands in interest and fees…

so you can grow your company, your wealth, and your lifestyle

Mortgage Broker For Self-Employed Business Owners

The team at Pro Options specialise in helping self-employed business owners and people with unconventional lending circumstances source and structure better finance, optimised to maximise your borrowing capacity and potentially save you thousands in interest and fees…

so you can grow your company, your wealth, and your lifestyle

Access to more lenders to get you the right finance fast

Loans are structured to suit you, and protect your credit rating

Specialists in helping business owners with unconventional lending circumstances

Complete done-for-you service (including paperwork)

About Pro Options

Sydney Loan Expert Quits Big Bank To Start His Own Mortgage Broking Business, So He Can…

Look Clients In The Eye, Certain He Is Giving Them The Right Loan for Their Needs.

My name is Alex Sperling, the founder of Pro Options. I got my first loan when I was an employee at a major bank. And the experience was terrible. No communication. No follow through. My wife and I were stressed we’d lose the house we were buying.

Over the next few years (while still working at that bank) I bought 7 investment properties. But I didn’t get the finance from the bank (I’d learned that lesson). Instead, I worked with a local mortgage broker.

I learned so much about finance that people started asking me for advice. And they urged me to become a finance manager with the bank. But I couldn’t. Because I know I’d be forced to ‘sell’ the small range of loans the bank offered, whether they were right for my clients or not.

The Right Finance – Fast

We help self-employed business owners get better finance for your home, investments, and business so you can grow your company, your wealth, and your lifestyle

Business woman signing loan documents

What Type Of Finance Are You Looking For:

I Want A

Home Loan…

Optimised to maximise borrowing capacity and loan approval, and potentially save thousands in interest and fees

I Want An

Investment Property Loan…

Structured so I can grow my portfolio (and wealth) without compromising my lifestyle

I Want

Debtor Finance…

For up to 90% invoice value, so I can bring forward client payments and have cash flow certainty to operate and grow my business

I Want A

Commercial Property Loan…

That provides up to 75% property value, so I can stop paying rent, and potentially save thousands in interest and fees

I Want

Asset & Equipment Loan…

That practically pays for itself, so I can get the things I need to increase productivity, reliability and business presence, without draining my reserves or putting pressure on cash flow


I Want A

Short Term Loan…

That has low rates and maximum flexibility, so I can get through tough spots and capitalise on profitable, time-sensitive opportunities

Former Banker Spills The Beans On Why Business Owners Find It So Hard To Get Good Finance

(And Are Too Often Overcharged Or Declined)

We think you should be congratulated. Because, as a business owner, you’re the engine room of our economy (contributing 32% to our national GDP) and the heart of our community (employing 41% of our workforce). But sadly, your unconventional circumstances don’t always fit the fixed lending criteria of banks and brokers because:

  • Bank Products favour typical wage earners… and don’t easily accommodate the extra flexibility you need (which too often ends in you being declined or overcharged in interest and fees)
  • Bank Staff are trained to mass-process regular loan applications… and may not have the knowledge or time to find the best loan for your situation (let alone the right structure to protect your assets) 
  • Bank Policies are created to protect shareholder profits (I mean when was the last time your bank called you to say that a competitor has a better deal, and they’d like to drop their rate to match it for you?)


As a result, too many business owners find it difficult to get finance (often risking their credit rating with every application). And when they do get approved, they almost always pay too much.

An Easier, Faster Way To Get A Better Home, Investment, Or Business Loans When You’re Self-Employed

Over the past 13 years we’ve helped hundreds of self-employed business owners get loans with better interest rates, lower fees, and more flexible conditions.

The Right Loan For Your Situation

Unlike other banks and brokers that most commonly cater for wage earners (not business owners), and are restricted to selling their own or brand-approved lending products (whether they are right for you or not), we specialise in working with business owners and have access to hundreds of loan options from dozens of lenders to ensure you get the right loan for your situation.

We Help You Structure Your Loan

While other banks and brokers merely find you a loan, we look at your whole financial situation and help you structure your loans to in order to set you up for the future.

We Even Do The Paperwork

Once we find the right loan, we pre-fill all the forms to save you time and maximise your approval success. And we review everything each year to ensure you’ve always got the right home loan.


No more time-wasting research…

We compare dozens of loans for you


No more overpaying on interest & fees…

We help you secure and structure the right loan for maximum savings


No more uncomfortable negotiations with bank staff…

We research the available loans, and even complete the paperwork for you


No more awkward knockbacks that risk your financial future…

We get informal pre-approval before your application, so your credit rating stays safe


Other Self-Employed Business Owners and Individuals We’ve Helped

If you’ve ever tried to get a loan from your bank, you’ll know how hard (and often disappointing) it can be. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a look at what some of our clients say about how we helped them get finance for their home, investments, and business:

The team at Pro Options has more than 48 years of combined experience helping self-employed business owners and other indiviuals  get fast approval for better finance. Here’s what some of them say about their results and experience with our team:


We have been using pro options for about 8 years now and they have been able to help us in situations that others considered too difficult. Highly recommended

Jaden Bennett November 3, 2023
On Site

A Huge Thank You To Alex From Our Mortgage Options!!

A huge thank-you to Alex from Our Mortgage Options!! I came across Alex about 18 months ago when my partner and I were trying to get into the housing market as first home buyers. Thank god we found Alex and had him on board to help us with our journey. He guided us all the way from getting our pre approval to buy our land and house making everything so easy and stress free. He found us a great loan and bank, explaining everything we needed to know in plain english. He managed everything related to our bank including progress payments and inspections with his communications always prompt causing no delays. Thank-you Alex for helping us to get our first home:)

Melissa October 2, 2023

I have been working with Alex for 12 years and he has been wonderful to deal with, his knowledge and client focus have saved me thousands of dollars. Highly recommended!

Carl Brooks September 4, 2023

Alex and his team are top notch brokers and always goes beyond the call of duty to help clients, I would recommend his service to anyone needing finance.

Laurence Hugo May 17, 2023
On Site

My Investment Refinance Journey Paid Huge Dividends!!

“As an experienced investor who has required finance for property purchases whether they be for land, units, houses or for construction both in NSW or interstate, I’m always after a better deal. Ultimately the better the deal, the more dollars I can drive back into further investments to achieve my financial freedom dreams and fund my lifestyle that includes a comfortable family home, private school fees for my children, numerous overseas trips, and stepping ever closer to leaving the rat race behind. Recently in this strange Covid-19 world, Alex at Our Mortgage Options managed to refinance my exisiting mortgages and secure me additional construction loan finance that has now paid off handsomely. I’m basically at minimum now $500 a month (or $6000 a year) better off with reduced interest rate payments meaning that the next project after this new property is built, is not that far away. The refinance journey due to financial institution compliance can sometimes be excruciatingly long and frustrating but with Alex in your corner, well worth it!!”

Martin - Western Sydney
Martin - Western Sydney July 1, 2022

Alex was extremely helpful throughout our 1st home purchase. He made the process smooth and hassle free. He is well versed in his field and we would recommend his professionalism to anyone who is needing the guidance that he offered in serving us.

Triatan ross August 28, 2017

Great mortgage brokers. These guys will give you great advice in terms of the best home loan product. Speak to these guys before going to your bank. You won't regret it.

8 Ways We Help Business Owners
Get A Better Home Loan

Comparing banks and mortgage brokers can be confusing (and time-consuming). But it’s a critical exercise because choosing the right lender can potentially save you thousands in interest and fees, and get you more money, faster. While the wrong lender could…

  • Jeopardise your dream property with long delays
  • Cause you to needlessly overpay in interest and fees
  • Expose your current assets to unnecessary risk
  • And damage your credit rating and future finance opportunities
Here are some of the things we do differently to help you avoid these disaster scenarios and get the right loans — fast:

Specialists In Small Business and Unique Lending Situations

Business owners who fall outside the rigid lending criteria of banks can find it difficult to get finance. We specialise in helping people who have unique situations including self-employed business owners and those who may have been knocked back for finance in the past.

Potentially Save Thousands With More Lending Options

While most banks and brokers are limited by their in-house or brand-approved loans (whether they are right for you or not), we analyse dozens of loan options from our vast network of lenders to help you potentially save thousands in interest and fees.

Holistic Advice To Help Maximise Borrowing Capacity

Our holistic approach considers your entire financial structure (not just your loan) to help maximise your borrowing capacity, and protect your credit rating.

Solely Serving You And Your Interests

Large lenders are naturally accountable to shareholders and corporate interests (and recommend loans accordingly). We serve you and your best interests alone.

Qualifications And Experience

Unlike a mortgage broker, who has to undertake a Diploma of Mortgage Management by law, did you know bank staff (while they may be required to undertake inhouse training) do not need to be formally qualified in finance?

Make no mistake, our team members have the formal qualifications, experience, and ongoing professional development to help business owners achieve their financial outcomes.

Regular Reviews Ensure You Always Have The Right Loans

When did your bank last call to tell you they could give you a better deal on your loans or savings accounts? We will proactively analyse your loan at least once a year (more often if interest rates change) to make sure you’ve always got the right loan for your situation.

Complete Done For You Service

We compare dozens of loans, negotiate the rate with lenders, prepare and package your application for fast approval, and manage the whole process to ensure no mistakes are made. And it won’t cost you a single cent.

Advice Specific To Your Situation

Whether you’re looking for a new home or business loan, trying to save on your existing loans, consolidating multiple loans, or simply want advice for the future, we invite you for a Complimentary Consultation where we will share our advice  stemming from over 48 years of combined experience.

Our Six ‘A’ System To Help You
Get The Right Finance -- Fast



We take time to understand your needs and financial situation so we can source and structure the right loan to save you interest & fees while protecting your assets



We compare loans from dozens of lenders and negotiate rates, fees, and conditions on your behalf – all at no cost



We present you with several options, explain all the details, and give you our professional recommendation



We pre-fill and package your application (saving you hours of admin) for maximum approval success



We follow up to ensure everything goes smoothly (with no mistakes) right through to settlement day



We regularly review everything to ensure you can be confident you have the right loan for your situation.

Your Next Step To Getting The Right Loan for Your Situation — Fast

You’ve heard why it’s so hard to get a good finance deal from other banks and brokers. You’ve discovered how our process is different. And you’ve seen how we’ve helped hundreds of other business owners just like you.

To get advice specific to your situation so you can see how to get approved for the right finance to grow your business, your wealth, and your lifestyle, book a Complimentary, No-Obligation Consultation. 

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